Supported Child Development

Extra support for children’s developmental needs. Family-centered services from birth to 19 to maximize participation and learning. Contact us if your child requires additional assistance to thrive in childcare.

Child Development Assistance

Seabird Island’s Supported Child Development program provides inclusive support services for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children from birth to 19 who require extra assistance due to developmental, physical, intellectual, social, or emotional needs.

We work collaboratively with families and childcare providers to empower meaningful decision-making and maximize each child’s participation and learning. Services are family-centered, respectful of individual needs, and aim to help children meet their full potential.

If you have any concerns about your child’s development and need extra support for them to thrive in childcare, please get in touch. We believe every child deserves equal opportunities tailored to their unique gifts and challenges. Let us walk this path together.

Our Beliefs

Family Decision-Making

Families have ultimate decision-making power and advocacy responsibilities for their child.

Families have the right to shape care and education choices.

Supporting Families

We support families by empowering informed decisions.

Respect for a family’s individual needs comes first.

Access for All

Children deserve equal access to preferred childcare options.

Culturally-sensitive services should be accessible.

Building Trust

Confidentiality is maintained.

Seeking More Information?

To learn more about Seabird Island’s inclusive Supported Child Development program or request services, please contact:

Jen McNeil

Phone: (604) 798-1415

Or schedule an appointment at our Band Office.

Please reach out if you have any questions or need extra support for your child to thrive in childcare. We’re here to collaborate and empower families.

Our Band Office