Christmas Gift Card &
Off reserve Christmas Hamper.

Click below and fill out the .PDF form. Email it to;
Charlene Point Events Coordinator

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> Off-reserve-Christmas-Hamper-Standard Consent Form

Update your
Membership Contact Information

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Standard Consent Form for the Disclosure of Personal Information
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Volunteer to enter to

All volunteers get a ticket for every
2 hours served.
This contest is open to everybody who volunteers for Seabird Events.
Staff participants are only eligible for after hour work only
(non-time sheet related and not including Community Christmas Dinner)
Draw Date: February 20th 2020
For more information and to register for volunteer hours contact:
Charlene Point 604-796-6813 email:

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Survey & Contest to
Help us Gather Community Comments
For Seabird Island Hwy 7 Transportation Access,
Flood & Drainage Studies

Please help us gather community comments and to understand highway safety, highway access and drainage
issues, concerns and list any possible solutions.
We are looking to find out your concerns with Highway 7 and how it effects Community Members, as
it passes directly through the middle of Seabird.
Whether you are a driver, passenger, biker, walker or boater, we need to hear the concerns you may
face around the Highway. When entering and exiting the highway to and from all roads and driveways,
any safety concerns you may face along the highway at any particular time of year and any community drainage issues as a
result of the highway.
Please take some time to answer the following questions in detail. No list is to big, more details carry more weight! Your
concerns matter and could assist us in moving forward in the years to come.

Submit to the drop box available in the Band Office lobby or email
Thank you for your participation and responses.

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Who we are

The Seabird Island Band exists to promote a healthier, self-sufficient, self-governing, unified and educated community. We believe that a healthy community is one that has achieved physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and cultural balance.

We work towards building a community where communal pride and respect are based on family values and respect for other people’s values, views and ideas. We want to co-exist with other communities and governments while exerting our right to be a self-governing nation.

We promote full employment, the development of our local economy, and improved housing conditions. We want our community to be a safe and prosperous place for our people. We aim at achieving a good standard of living for all our Band Members.

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This vision of the future of Seabird Island was created in 2002 through the combined effort of Chief & Council and the Directors. Every year we revisit our vision to help us create strategic plans and work plans for the year.

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Building great services depends on great people. There are more than 200 staff members behind the services offered every day – from Doctors to Financial Analysts.

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Have a read through all of our laws, codes and policies to find out what governs the Band, Lands, Housing, Education, and Administration.

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Have a look back at what we have achieved this past year, read our annual reports or view our financial statements.

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Want to quickly view all the things we achieved last year or in previous years? Check out our Year in Review which summarizes our accomplishments with facts and numbers.

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