A-Pals nurtures family bonds and early literacy by immersing children ages 3-6 in the wisdom of their elders and culture. Through 7 interactive monthly sessions, parents and caregivers are provided resources to foster language, reading, math, identity, and tradition. Together with dedicated educators and language teachers, A-Pals empowers parents to guide their children on a journey of learning anchored in community stories, cultural values, and the natural world.

Tradition Inspires Growth

A-Pals is a 7-session early learning program cultivating literacy, language skills and cultural knowledge in children ages 3-6. Through interactive activities guided by parents, elders, language teachers and educators, A-Pals nurtures family bonds while promoting holistic learning and identity development.

Grounded in oral traditions and community values, the monthly A-Pals sessions feature Seabird Island elders imparting cultural wisdom. Parents are provided resources to reinforce literacy, numeracy, tradition and language at home through educational experiences focused on Mother Earth, nature, oral stories, ceremonies, protocols and heritage.

Developed for Seabird Island families, A-Pals empowers parents as their child’s first and most important teacher. Children gain literacy skills while learning about their identity, boosting self-esteem through fun activities that honor their unique culture. Parents guide them on a journey that will shape a strong sense of belonging to the community and natural world.

Immersive cultural learning is at the heart of A-Pals Seabird Island. This 7-session family literacy program enriches young minds with the gifts of heritage, stories, language and ancestral wisdom. A-Pals nurtures confident children ready to embrace the world, anchored by a strong cultural identity.

Session Schedule

A-Pals Session Schedule: An Evening of Cultural Learning and Family Bonding

Each A-Pals session provides an immersive cultural learning experience for the whole family. The evening begins at 4:30pm with a shared community dinner fostering connection.

From 5:00pm to 5:30pm, children engage in interactive group activities guided by language teachers and elders aimed at literacy development through traditional stories and hands-on cultural lessons.

Parents then join their children from 5:30pm to 6:15pm for family-focused activities that bring generations together to exchange knowledge, traditions and language. This special time strengthens family bonds.

The evening wraps up with a group family debrief from 6:15pm to 6:45pm, where parents and children can share reflections. This develops public speaking and communication skills in a safe, welcoming atmosphere.

Each session concludes with a closing circle at 6:45pm. Families participate in a circle ceremony before receiving take-home gifts to continue cultural learning and literacy development at home.

The A-Pals schedule optimizes cultural knowledge exchange and family bonding. Children grow literacy skills and confidence through heritage immersion and parent support.

Transportation is available upon request for Seabird Island families attending A-Pals evenings. Please contact us to arrange pick-up and drop-off if needed.

Cultural Evenings

Monthly Immersive Learning for Seabird Island Families

When: First Wednesday evening of each month, 4:30pm – 7:00pm

Where: Millennium Hall in Seabird Island

A-Pals gathers once per month for an evening of cultural learning and family bonding. Sessions take place in the Millennium Hall, located in the heart of Seabird Island.

Millenium Hall

Seeking More Information?

To find out more about the A-Pals cultural learning program for Seabird Island families or to request services, please contact:

Carlene Brown

Phone: (604) 796-2177
Email: daycare@seabirdisland.ca

You can also make an appointment at the Seabird Island Band Office to discuss A-Pals in person.

We are happy to answer any questions about this innovative family literacy program grounded in Seabird Island heritage and culture. Please reach out by phone, email or in-person visit to learn more or get involved with A-Pals