Child And Family Services Jurisdiction

Children are gifts; families are the heart of community. Seabird Island’s Child and Family Services program nurtures both through customized care steeped in the wisdom of our people.

Upholding Family Bonds Through Customized Care

Seabird Island Band has launched a new Child and Family Services Jurisdiction program to develop customized support systems for local children and families.

This landmark program will create policies and services guided by cultural values, traditions, and the community’s vision of family wellbeing. It asserts Seabird Island’s right to care for their children in culturally-aligned ways.

Currently in development, the program is establishing frameworks, support networks, and practices to serve vulnerable families in the community.

The process is guided by Indigenous-led legislation including Bill C-92, and input from community members. The goal is to keep at-risk children connected to their community and heritage.

This groundbreaking program will empower Seabird Island Band to shape care systems that nurture and protect families for generations to come. Guided by ancestral wisdom and community voices, this program honours the past while uplifting children into a bright future.

Questions About Customized Family Care?

To learn more about Seabird Island’s new Child and Family Services Jurisdiction program developing community-based and culturally-grounded support for local children and families, please contact our band office:

Phone: (604)796-2177

We welcome you to reach out about this empowering initiative asserting our right to care for families in ways aligned with our values.

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