Elders’ Fitness

The winding trail continues, but our inner strength perseveres. Staying active keeps us walking confidently through life’s richest seasons. At every age, movement fuels the body and inspires the soul. Honor the vessel that carries you forward by caring for it through fitness and nourishing motion.

For a Lifetime of Health and Wellness

As we travel through life’s journey, staying active and strong allows us to walk the trail with ease. Seabird Island’s Elders Fitness Centre provides opportunities to remain fit and independent in the wisdom of later years. Join in during Elders-only hours for social connection through movement. Or have an instructor visit your home for personalized sessions tailored to your abilities and goals. Our compassionate trainers support whole person wellness through culturally-informed fitness guidance. Stay on the path of health with programs designed for your needs – contact us today to begin your fitness journey.

Thriving As Elders

Seabird Island’s Elders programs provide opportunities to stay active, connected and independent as the journey continues.

Learn more about our fitness initiatives, social gatherings and support services. We’re here to help you thrive.

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The path forward promises wonder. Let’s embark upon it together.

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