Home Ownership

Self-sufficiency begins with a place to flourish. We empower members to construct or buy personalized homes through secured financing. With your vision, let these walls become a dwelling filled with heritage and meaning.

Pathways to Homeownership

Seabird Island Band empowers self-sufficiency and independence by providing members the opportunity to construct or purchase their own dwellings through individual mortgages. With secured funding, people can manifest their vision for a personalized haven and root themselves firmly into community.

We believe having a stable home strengthens individuals, families, and the collective spirit. It allows one to honour traditions, display heritage, and pass teachings onto future generations under a single roof. The labor involved in constructing a home also cultivates purpose and pride.

Owning this physical space enables deeper bonds to one’s culture and identity. Surrounded by loved ones, familiar faces, and the security of home, individuals can walk with confidence into discovering their highest potential.

We aim to uplift members by facilitating access to secure housing. Let us help you make your housing aspirations a reality. Contact us today to learn about financing options for constructing or purchasing your own unique dwelling filled with promise. Here, you can firmly plant yourself and watch all that you cherish grow.

Strengthening Community

To learn more about financing options for building or buying your unique space on Seabird Island, please connect with our housing team:

Erna O’Brien

Office: 604-796-6933

Cell: 604-798-0942

Becky Pettis

Office: 604-796-7212

Email: housing@seabirdisland.ca

Schedule an appointment at our Band Office location.

Have questions along the journey to homeownership? Reach out anytime.

With individual mortgages, you can firmly plant yourself into community and watch all that you cherish flourish. Let us help turn your vision into a personalized haven. Your foundational space awaits.

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