Infant Massage

Infant massage is a wonderful way to bond with your newborn, ease common ailments, and promote healthy development. Our certified infant massage instructors teach classes for parents wanting to learn techniques to practice at home.

Learn the Benefits of Infant Massage

Our infant development team invites parents of newborns to monthly infant massage classes. Led by certified infant massage instructors, these classes teach you how to use massage to bond with your baby, improve sleep, ease colic and digestive troubles, and more.

Our skilled instructors have completed professional training through the International Association of Infant Massage. They will provide you with step-by-step techniques to help you confidently practice infant massage at home. You’ll learn how to read your baby’s cues, appropriately use touch for soothing, and make massage part of your daily routine.

If you have a baby aged 0-12 months, join us for infant massage. Classes meet once per month and space is limited. Contact us today to reserve your spot. Invest in your little one’s growth, development, and wellbeing through the proven benefits of infant massage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Infant massage offers many benefits for parents and caregivers including:
  • Strengthening the parent-child bond

  • Gaining confidence in parenting skills

  • Learning to understand baby’s cues and cries

  • Having quality one-on-one time to connect with baby

  • Reducing stress through intimate communication

  • Developing nurturing touch and massage techniques

  • Encouraging shared parenting between mothers and father

For babies, infant massage can:
  • Stimulate circulatory and gastrointestinal systems

  • Relieve colic, gas, and digestive discomfort

  • Promote relaxation and ability to handle stimulation

  • Help baby sleep longer and deeper

  • Support nervous system development

  • Enhance parent-child attachment

  • Provide soothing relief from stress

  • Increase comfort being touched

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring your baby, even if sleeping, as we have dolls for practicing if needed. We provide massage oil and an instruction booklet. Stay afterwards for refreshments and discussion.

Learn Infant Massage from a Certified Instructor at Seabird Island

Seabird Island offers infant massage classes taught by a certified instructor. Infant massage provides many benefits for baby and parent, including strengthened bonding, improved sleep, and relief from colic. 

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You can also make an appointment at the Seabird Island Band Office. Invest in your baby’s wellbeing through the proven power of touch. Contact us today to learn more or sign up for a class.

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