Mammogram Clinic

The Seabird Island Band partners with the BC Cancer Society to provide biannual mammogram screening clinics for women in our community. On this site, you’ll find details about our mammogram dates, locations, procedures, results access, and more. We aim to make breast cancer screening convenient, comfortable, and routine.

Regular Mammogram Screenings at Seabird Island for Early Breast Cancer Detection

The Seabird Island Band partners with the BC Cancer Society to provide biannual mammogram screening clinics. We encourage women of all ages to understand what is normal for their breasts. Report any changes to your doctor promptly.

Once you reach the recommended age, take advantage of our low-dose mammography screenings. Mammograms allow early detection of breast cancer through safe, regular x-ray imaging. This is the most reliable method of finding breast tumors in the initial stages when treatment is most effective.

Seabird Island prioritizes women’s health and makes mammograms accessible in your community. Join us for our next screening and take control of your breast health. Detecting cancer early saves lives!

BC Cancer Society Recommends Regular Mammograms for Early Breast Cancer Detection

The BC Cancer Society provides evidence-based guidelines on mammogram frequency:

  • Ages 40-49: Discuss your breast cancer risk and the benefits/risks of mammograms with your doctor.
  • Ages 50-69: Get a mammogram every 2 years for routine screening. This age range benefits most from regular imaging.
  • Age 70+: Consult your physician on appropriate mammogram frequency as you get older.

Research shows getting mammograms regularly reduces false positives and detects cancer early when treatment is most effective. Tumors are most visible on x-rays in their beginning stages before outward symptoms appear.

Your doctor may also perform clinical breast exams to check for abnormalities. But mammograms remain the gold standard for finding breast cancer early.

Take control of your breast health with regular screening.

Take advantage of potentially life-saving mammograms by signing up for our breast cancer screening clinic today.

Registration is simple – contact our doctor’s office or nurse to fill out our sign-up form. This reserves your appointment for the next round of mammogram screenings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mammograms are performed at a clinic or screening center. They capture detailed x-ray images of the breast from multiple angles. The breast is compressed between two plastic plates to flatten it for clearer pictures using minimal radiation. Though temporarily uncomfortable, compression optimizes imaging.

Screening mammograms check for breast cancer in women without symptoms. Diagnostic mammograms further evaluate suspicious signs. Ask your doctor to explain what type you are having and why.

Like any test, mammograms have both advantages and disadvantages to consider:
  • Improved survival rates – Early detection often increases treatment success. Studies confirm regular mammograms help more women survive breast cancer.
  • Better quality of life – Smaller, early-stage tumors mean less invasive treatment and faster recovery. Mammograms tend to find smaller, more treatable cancers.

  • False positives – Tests incorrectly suggest cancer is present, causing stress and unnecessary follow-up procedures. Young women are at higher risk of false positives.
  • False negatives – Cancer goes undetected, delaying diagnosis and treatment if symptoms are overlooked.
  • Over-diagnosis – Some cancers may never impact health. But research shows most breast cancers are harmful, so early detection is key.
  • Radiation exposure – Mammograms involve very low x-ray doses.

Discuss the pros and cons with your doctor to make an informed decision. Though imperfect, mammograms remain the best breast cancer screening tool available.

Schedule Your Mammogram Screening at Seabird Island

Take control of your breast health. To learn more about our mammogram clinic or request an appointment, contact community health representative:

Phone: (604) 796-2177

You can also book directly by visiting our Band Office. 

Mammograms detect cancer early when treatment is most effective. Our clinic provides accessible, regular imaging so you safeguard your health.

Questions? Reach out and we’re happy to help. Make breast cancer screening a routine part of your self-care.

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