Maternal Child Health

The Kwiyo:s Program at Seabird Island provides support for expectant First Nations families. Our trained staff called Kwiyo:s, meaning “respected aunties”, offer guidance through pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenting. We provide emotional and physical support from the first trimester to baby’s first steps. Our goal is to nurture new life while empowering parents with knowledge and community.

Honouring the Journey of Parenthood

A child’s first breath spans generations. Seabird Island’s Kwiyo:s Program journeys with families from pregnancy to birth and beyond. Our “respected aunties” provide education, parenting skills, life skills training, and early childhood development guidance.

As trained doulas, Kwiyo:s offer physical and emotional support during pregnancy, childbirth, and adjusting to motherhood. By uplifting families through this profound transition, we empower new life while honouring ancestral knowledge.

The Kwiyo:s Program increases health outcomes for First Nations children by nurturing parents prior to and after birth. Let us walk with you on this sacred path, our hands linked in community and wisdom. From first heartbeats to first steps, we are here to guide your family’s wellbeing.

Nurturing New Life

To learn more about the Kwiyo:s family support program at Seabird Island or to request services, please contact us:

Phone: (604) 796-2177

You can also schedule an appointment at our Band Office location.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions about our pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenting support services. We are happy to provide more information.

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