The Membership team assists Band Members who are in need of a status card renewal or are applying for their child’s first status card. Membership services are available by appointment only. Appointments are available Tuesdays – Thursdays.

Obtaining and Renewing Status Cards

Seabird Island’s Membership team helps Members apply for first-time status cards or renew expiring cards. We provide support by appointment on Tuesdays-Thursdays.

Contact us to book your visit and bring official ID/eligibility documents. We’ll guide first-time applicants through required steps and assist renewing Members with seamless transitions.

Serving as your status card resource, we ensure you receive this important benefit of Membership. Let us know if you need a new or renewed card! Our doors are open to help.

Standard Consent Form for the Disclosure of Personal Information 

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re available by appointment Tuesdays-Thursdays. Please call to schedule.

Yes, appointments are mandatory. Contact us to book your visit.

Yes, our Graphics team does photography by appointment. Schedule this when you book your membership visit.

Getting your status card through our guided process is easy and convenient. Let us know how we can assist with new or renewed cards, paperwork, and photos. Reach out anytime!

Seeking More Information?

Questions about status cards? Need to apply or renew? Let’s connect:

Phone: (604) 796-2177


Book your appointment at the Band Office.

Reach out anytime! We’re here to guide you through obtaining new cards, renewals, and anything membership-related.

Ensuring seamless access to this important benefit is our purpose. Let us know how we can help.

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