Get help to eat better and to feel better, learn how to manage or prevent diabetes, attend a group session, or meet with our nutrition and lifestyle educators one-on-one.

Diabetes Sessions

We want to increase your awareness of risk factors associated with diabetes, promote methods of reducing diabetes complications, and give you a push to live a more active, healthier life. Each month on the last Thursday we host a diabetes session for those who have been diagnosed and their families. Sessions include helpful tips, information, and are geared towards topics you want to learn about like: dental healthy, foot care, nutrition, lab clinics, and we bring in a variety of health care providers to offer medical advice. Each session includes a nutritious lunch with a recipe you can bring home, an open flood for discussion, and some quick and easy exercises.

The goal of these Diabetes support group meetings is to increase awareness of risk factors associated with diabetes.

Community Kitchen

Join us for a fun filled learning opportunity. We prepare a meal together and talk about ways to maximize your health through foods. Once a month 10:30am to 1:00pm (usually the fourth Monday).

The aim of this program is to provide a hands-on learning experience on healthy food choices and healthy food preparation. This is also a great opportunity for participants to learn about new recipes and food ideas. Topics include: learning about healthy carbohydrates, leaner fats choices, meats and alternatives, breakfast ideas, label readings, and adding spices to enhance flavors of foods.

Child & Youth Nutrition

Our Nutrition team provides children and youth with useful tools to make healthy choices through:

  • Teaching how to read labels;
  • Exposing them to new and healthy foods;
  • Dispelling food myths;
  • Teaching about healthy body weight

One-on-one Nutrition Education

Want individualized information and education on nutrition to promote your own healthy? We can help you with:

  • Menu Analysis & Planning (Personal or group)
  • Blood Sugar and Diet & Exercise
  • Creating an exercise plan


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