Eat better, feel better. Diabetes management. Group workshops, individual consultations. Meet with dietitians for personalized nutrition guidance and health optimization.

Nourishing Health Through Nutrition

Seabird Island’s nutrition program helps you eat better, feel better, and thrive. We provide:

  • Diabetes management and prevention
  • Group classes and workshops
  • Individual guidance from our dietitians

Whether you want to manage a condition like diabetes, improve your relationship with food, or optimize your nutrition, we offer tailored support.

Contact us to enroll in an upcoming group session, book a private consultation, or learn more about our offerings. Let us help you achieve your diet and wellness goals!

Our Services

Diabetes Support Groups

Community Kitchen

Youth Nutrition

One-on-One Guidance

Seabird Island offers interactive classes and personalized consultations to empower healthy living. Our dietitians provide practical tools to meet your unique needs.

Diabetes Support Groups – Increase management skills in monthly sessions.

Community Kitchen – Cook and meal plan together at our monthly class.

Youth Nutrition – Build lifelong healthy habits through education.

One-on-One Guidance – Customized nutrition planning tailored to you.

Get in touch to join group workshops or book an individual meeting to optimize wellness through nutrition. Our programs educate and uplift.

Managing Diabetes Together

Join our interactive monthly diabetes sessions offered on the last Thursday of each month. We empower those diagnosed and their loved ones through:

  • Practical tips for living well with diabetes
  • Informational topics like dental care and nutrition
  • Input from knowledgeable healthcare providers
  • Collaborative recipe-based lunch with take-homes
  • Group discussion and light exercise

By increasing awareness and promoting healthy habits together in a supportive setting, we aim to reduce complications and maximize quality of life.

Let us know if you would like to attend these sessions focused on knowledge-sharing and community-building around diabetes management. We’re stronger together on the path to wellness.

Building Skills in the Community Kitchen

Roll up your sleeves for our hands-on monthly Community Kitchen class, typically held on the 4th Monday from 10:30am-1:00pm. Let’s maximize wellness together through:

  • Cooking and prepping healthy dishes as a group
  • Learning about nutrition topics like carbohydrates, fats, proteins
  • Exploring new recipes and food ideas
  • Reading labels and adding spice
  • Building meal planning and cooking skills

This fun, interactive session aims to provide practical education around food prep and maximizing health. Come ready to chop, mix, taste, and chat!

Contact us if you’re interested in attending this collaborative learning experience focused on healthy eating.

Nurturing Healthy Eating Habits Early

Seabird Island teaches children and youth how to build lifelong healthy eating habits through:

  • Learning to read nutrition labels
  • Trying new nourishing foods
  • Busting common food myth misconceptions
  • Understanding principles of healthy body weight

By providing useful tools and education early in life, we hope to equip young community members with the knowledge to make informed diet choices and develop a positive relationship with food.

Contact us if you’re interested in nutrition teaching tailored for youth and teens. Helping raise the next generation of healthy, empowered eaters is our privilege.

Custom Nutrition Guidance Just For You

Want personalized support to reach your diet and wellness goals? Seabird Island’s dietitians offer tailored one-on-one nutrition consultations to:

  • Analyze your current eating patterns
  • Create customized meal plans
  • Target blood sugar and exercise needs
  • Provide science-backed guidance unique to you

Take control of your health through individualized education, resources, and actionable next steps. Contact us to schedule an appointment and start optimizing your nutrition in ways that work for your lifestyle and needs.

Get In Touch with Our Nutrition Team

Questions about our classes, services or personal consultations? Ready to take charge of your health? Let’s talk!

Phone: (250)796-6853

Book an appointment at our Band Office.

Reach out anytime! We’re excited to help you optimize wellness through personalized nutrition support and education.

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