Policy Division

Who We Are

The Policy division is dedicated to formulating and overseeing the implementation of policies based on the directions from the Chief and Council. The team ensures that every policy reflects Seabird Island’s rich history, traditions, and the aspirations of our community members.

What We Do

At the Policy Division, we are committed to developing policies, actions, and guidelines that safeguard the interests and uphold the rights of Seabird Island and its community members. Our policies are designed to:

  • Preserve our Culture and tradition: We focus on policies that help in sustaining and enhancing our communal resources and cultural heritage.

  • Protect Rights and Entitlements: Every policy is structured to ensure that the rights and entitlements of all members are clearly defined and protected.

  • Promote Respect, Fairness, Equity, and Justice: Through our policies, we strive to foster an environment where every community member is treated with respect and dignity, and actions are governed by fairness and justice.

  • Safeguard Our Way of Life: Our policies aim to protect the traditional ways of Seabird Island, ensuring that they endure and thrive for future generations

Services We Provide

  • Policy Development: Based on directives from the Chief and Council, we formulate policies that protect the rights and outline the entitlements of our community members. Integrating community input to reflect the collective vision and needs.

    In light of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and recent federal and provincial legislative developments, we continue to participate in government-to-government consultations and engagements to ensure legislation and policies align with our broader interests as members of Seabird Island, the Tiyt Tribe, Stólō Nation and as First Nations peoples.

  • Information and Resources: Our policies are readily available for all community members. You can access these documents on the Band’s website, at the Band Office, through the First Nation Gazette, and via our social media pages, where announcements of new policies are shared.

  • Community Engagement: We facilitate community meetings and encourage participation in policymaking through Seabird Committees. Community input is essential, we believe that effective policymaking involves the voices of those it will impact

How You Can Participate

We invite all members of the Seabird community to join us in shaping the future of our community, ensuring that our policies not only meet current needs but build a strong and prosperous community for ourselves and our Tómiyeqw. You can participate through the following avenue;

  • Community Meetings: Engage with us during community meetings to discuss and shape future policies.
  • Committee Membership: Become a member of one of our various committees to take an active role in policy discussions.

  • Feedback and Suggestions: Your ideas matter! Write to us with your policy-related concerns and suggestions to help us serve you better. (policy@seabirdisland.ca)

Why It Matters

Policies at Seabird Island are not just rules; they are commitments to maintaining and enhancing our community’s well-being and continuity. Whether you are looking into your rights, your entitlements, or how you can contribute to the policymaking process, the Policy team is here to assist and guide you.

By upholding these principles, we safeguard our cultural practices and ensure their continuity for coming generations

Seeking More Information?

To find out more about our policy division, please contact Seabird Island reception:

Phone: 604-796-2177

or by email: policy@seabirdisland.ca

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