Seabird Island Pre-School 3's

Licensed early learning preparing children for kindergarten. Play-based activities build skills in all developmental areas. Partnership with Seabird Community School. Focus on school readiness and whole child growth. Contact us to enroll your preschooler.

Building Foundations Through Play

At Seabird Island Preschool, we believe early education should instill values like cooperation, honesty, and respect while fostering self-reliance. Our play-based curriculum develops the whole child across all developmental domains.

Teachers thoughtfully design small/large group experiences and child-directed activities to nurture social skills, language, physical abilities, cognition, emotions, independence, and self-esteem.

By engaging multiple learning styles through play, we equip preschoolers with essential building blocks and eagerness for the future. But most importantly, children have fun growing, discovering themselves, and connecting with peers.

Let your child flourish in our nurturing environment as they begin their lifelong education journey.

Our Mission

Seabird Island Preschool strives to provide a joyful, secure, and caring environment where education empowers children to reach their full potential. Our goal is readiness for the lifelong journey of learning ahead.

We integrate essential Aboriginal education to encourage growth on all developmental levels. More than simply childcare, we envision a space for play, discovery, and forging foundational skills.

Our mission is preparing preschoolers for kindergarten while nurturing self-reliance, generosity, honesty, and respect. We want this to be a place where children are happy, safe, and loved.

Join the Preschool Waitlist and Registration

Seabird Island Preschool encourages families to join the 3’s program waitlist early. Formal registration takes place at our Open House in August prior to the September start.

Once contacted, complete registration forms as required for your child’s attendance. solidify your preschooler’s spot. Let us nurture their early development!

Our play-based curriculum builds essential skills through music, movement, exploration and bonding. Grow their confidence before kindergarten. Contact us to reserve their space in our caring preschool community.

Half-Day Preschool Schedule

Seabird Island’s free 3’s Preschool runs Monday-Friday for children turning 3 before December 31st.

Morning classes are 9am-12pm and afternoon classes are 12:45pm-3pm. Transportation provided.

We follow school calendars, closing for professional development and closure days. Consistent learning boosts development!

Let your child flourish through play, music, and age-appropriate activities in our nurturing half-day program. Kindness, sharing, creativity – essential lessons start here.

Contact us to register and discuss your preferred schedule. Achieving their best potential begins with the gift of preschool.

Seeking More Information?

To request information about enrolling your child in Seabird Island’s nurturing 3’s Preschool program, please contact:

Megan Louis

Phone: (604) 796-7184


Reach out to join the waitlist, register for September entry, or with any questions. We look forward to welcoming your preschooler for a year of developmental play and discovery!

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