Seabird Island Pre-School 4's

Licensed early learning preparing children for kindergarten. Play-based activities build skills in all developmental areas. Partnership with Seabird Community School. Focus on school readiness and whole child growth. Contact us to enroll your preschooler.

Nurturing Early Learning and Development

Seabird Island 4’s Preschool provides a licensed early childhood program focused on school readiness in partnership with Seabird Community School. Our play-based curriculum builds critical developmental skills through age-appropriate experiences that engage the whole child.

We believe education should foster qualities like self-reliance, generosity, honesty and respect. Activities designed to support social, physical, cognitive, language, emotional, and self-help development. Children gain confidence and essential building blocks for the future in our child-directed learning environment.

Most importantly, preschoolers have fun discovering, creating, and connecting! Contact us to give your child the best start on their educational journey. Smiles and laughter fill our days.

Our Mission

Seabird Island Preschool strives to provide a joyful, secure, and caring environment where education empowers children to reach their full potential. Our goal is readiness for the lifelong journey of learning ahead.

We integrate essential Aboriginal education to encourage growth on all developmental levels. More than simply childcare, we envision a space for play, discovery, and forging foundational skills.

Our mission is preparing preschoolers for kindergarten while nurturing self-reliance, generosity, honesty, and respect. We want this to be a place where children are happy, safe, and loved.

Securing Your Preschooler's Spot

Join the 4’s Preschool waitlist starting at Seabird Island’s Open House in April to reserve your child’s place in our nurturing program. Register in-person at our Early Childhood Centre of Excellence Open House in August prior to the September start.

Once contacted, complete registration packet as required for attendance. We’ll provide all event details through email or phone. Spots fill quickly – get on the waitlist early!

Let us prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond through play-based early learning. Their future is bright, and preschool is the first step toward a lifelong love of discovery.

Full-Day Programming and Hours

Seabird Island 4’s Preschool is a free, full-day program for status First Nations children turning 4 before December 31st. Non-status preschoolers can apply for subsidy.

Regular hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm. Transportation available upon request.

Optional extended care offered 7:45am-9am and 3pm-5pm for those registered in before/after programming.

We remain open on professional development and school closure days to provide consistent early learning.

Let us nourish your child’s growth and confidence through full immersion in our play-based curriculum. Contact us to register your child in our full-day preschool program on the path of discovery.

Seeking More Information?

To request information about enrolling your child in Seabird Island’s nurturing 4’s Preschool program, please contact:

Megan Louis

Phone: (604) 796-7184


Reach out to join the waitlist, register for September entry, or with any questions. We look forward to welcoming your preschooler for a year of developmental play and discovery!

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