Social Media Management

Social Media Management

We oversee a diverse portfolio of more than 15 social media platforms on behalf of Seabird, ensuring dynamic online engagement. Our team maintains a proactive approach, disseminating important notices promptly across the primary Seabird Facebook page and niche focus group pages within the organization.

Our Collaborative Approach

Seabird Island Band collaborates extensively with local and national partners and sponsors to champion sustainable solutions for the multifaceted social and economic challenges confronting First Nations communities. Our commitment lies in the practical implementation of comprehensive strategies that yield tangible results.

Information Disclaimer

While Seabird strives to furnish accurate, up-to-date information on its social media platforms, we make no explicit warranties or representations regarding its accuracy. Seabird assumes no liability for any potential errors or omissions within the content.

User Comments and Engagement

Comments and posts on our social media pages are the expressions of users and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of Seabird Administration or Chief and Council. We retain the right to remove comments for any reason and may not provide direct responses. To expedite assistance, kindly reach out directly to the relevant program or staff, ensuring you provide contact information for a timely response. For swift service, contact our main reception at 604-796-2177.