Tem’elíle Midwifery
“Salmonberry Time Midwifery”

Tem’elíle Midwifery “Salmonberry Time Midwifery” offers comprehensive, full spectrum, culturally safe care for both the life giver (mother) and child. We provide nurturing guidance throughout the entire journey of pregnancy, birth, and your baby’s early weeks, ensuring a seamless transition from the first trimester to your baby’s arrival. Embark on your midwifery journey today by reaching out for more information.

Compassionate Midwifery Care

Seabird Island’s Midwifery program offers culturally sensitive care to expectant mothers and families throughout the stages of pregnancy, childbirth, and the initial 6 weeks postpartum. Our services cater to low-risk pregnancies covered by BC MSP.

While our primary focus is on serving Indigenous families, we also accommodate non-Indigenous families if there is availability in our caseload around their expected due date.

All birthing experiences take place at Chilliwack General Hospital (CGH), facilitated by our dedicated midwife in addition to support from locum relief. Home births are not currently offered as we operate under an Alternate Practice Arrangement (APA) governed by the BCCN&M.

For prenatal visits, appointments are available at our clinic in Agassiz on Tuesdays or at the Stó:lō Health Center on Wednesdays. Additionally, we collaborate closely with the Seabird Island Maternal Child Health (MCH) Team, providing comprehensive, full spectrum, culturally safe maternal child, and family wellness services through kwiyó:s “Aunties” and nursing professionals in our voluntary program.

Our midwives collaborate seamlessly across health teams to ensure consistent, high-quality care throughout the childbearing journey.

Pregnant individuals or those planning pregnancy can initiate the intake process by submitting a request to midwives@seabirdisland.ca or find our intake form: HERE

Seeking More Information?

For further inquiries or appointment scheduling, please contact us by phone:

Ph: 604-796-2165

Email: midwives@seabirdisland.ca

Alternatively, appointments can be booked at our Seabird Island Band Office location or via health care provider referral faxed to 604-796-1124.

We are eager to welcome you and provide compassionate, culturally-safe pregnancy, birth, and newborn care. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We eagerly await the opportunity to support you and your new baby.

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