Seabird Island Trauma Treatment Centre

Reconnection through Indigenous wisdom. Land-based healing addressing trauma and sobriety. Transitional recovery support combining evidence and ancestral knowledge. Uplifting those on the sacred journey toward renewed wellness.

Renewing Wellness, Reconnecting to Self

Seabird Island’s transitional program aids those progressing through recovery by addressing underlying trauma and fostering wholeness. Combining evidence-based practices with ancestral wisdom, we facilitate healing through reconnecting to one’s culture, community, and sacred inner spirit.

Land-based programming nurtures wellbeing while building self-discipline and sustaining sobriety. By honoring each individual’s journey, we aim to uplift those who feel disconnected, instilling hope for the future and personal growth. Recovery is a continuous process – let us walk this winding path together.

Seeking More Information

Recovery Starts Here

Let us walk the winding path of wellness together. Seabird Island’s transitional recovery program addresses trauma through cultural reconnection and ancestral wisdom.

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We honour your sacred process toward renewed health and inner peace. Support is available for each step ahead – take the first one by reaching out.


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